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This weekend while out and about, Patrick and I swung into a Michael’s craft store. On the way out I spotted a bin full of clearance ribbon on sale for $1 per roll. I figured I’d take a quick look and almost peed my pants when I spotted this:

This is exactly what I’ve been dreaming of for the look and feel of my wedding. It’s thin, classic white ribbon with a chartreuse (CHARTREUSE!!!) antique pattern. It’s exactly my style: a new, trendy feel to an old-fashioned classic. These are the little details that are going to really bring the whole thing together.

We bought 14 rolls – all we could find in the clearance bin.

As soon as I called Ashley to tell her the news, she rushed out and bought another 10 rolls at the Michael’s near her house.

This isn’t the only early shopping I’ve done, actually. Two weeks ago I found some thank-you cards on clearance at a grocery story that is going out of business. I stocked up and put the packages of cards in a shoe box on the shelf of the guest room closet. That shelf has since become the place for all of my wedding supplies to gather dust while I count down to the big day.

Now, if only we didn’t have to wait almost two years to actually use this stuff. :)



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