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Dressed in white

This weekend I had my “try on” appointment at the bridal salon, not to be confused with an actual fitting. It was a great day. The gown was wonderful, and it looks even better than all the photos I had been looking at for the past six months (which just shows that the length of time it took for my dress to be made is longer than some engagements!). My grandmother happily went along with me and was just as in awe of the dress as I was. She even bought me a lovely jewelry set to match my gown.

Because the dress is a surprise for my handsome hubby-to-be, I can’t go into any details on this post. But while I was standing on the pedastal in my fitting room surrounded on all sides by mirrors, I thought about Patrick and how lucky I am to be marrying him. I looked at myself while wearing the most beautiful dress I’ve ever put on and felt as though I was in the middle of a fairy tale – I’ve definitely got the prince!



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