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Dear family, thanks.

Dear family,

I love you.

To all of my uncles and cousins and aunts and friends and fiances of groomsmen, thanks for celebrating with us at our shower. It really meant the world to us, and we couldn’t be part of a better family.

Patrick always teases me about how I call everyone a cousin. Second cousins, children of second cousins, third cousins, tenth cousins – all cousins. I refer to my mom’s cousin’s wives as “my cousin so-and-so” and I refer to all of my great aunts as “my Aunt so-and-so.” And then I’m stuck explaining the dynamics of having a family as marvelous and Irish as ours. Yes – Irish – that means everyone is somebody’s cousin, and we’re all related and that means we’d do anything for each other. Because what’s the most important thing in your life if not family? And that is how it goes. And that’s how our family has always worked.

I was glad that Patrick was finally able to meet my extended family, and he was finally able to see why I go on and on about family events, why I love all of them so much and why saying “cousin” is just so. much. easier.

I wanted to reach out to all of you – my family – particularly those who took part in arranging the most lovely wedding shower for Patrick and me. It was a little strange being back near my old neck of the woods with Patrick, it felt like the merging of two lifetimes.

I like that this family has always been close-knit and ever loving. I hadn’t seen so many of you in so many years that my heart filled with joy to see your smiling faces. I’m grateful for the way you welcomed Patrick with hugs and handshakes and Irish smiles. And it felt like home.

I was so impressed with the attention that was put into every detail. The font of our cake mirrored our save-the-date card. And the color was absolutely perfect. This cake was delicious, by the way, and Patrick and I were able to take the top layer home with us to Orlando. I have to admit I ate most of it myself.

The favors were adorable! Honeydew-scented Yankee candles wrapped with lace and bows. Not only did it keep with the color scheme, but they smelled delicious and made for perfect little keepsakes to remember the day.

And then there were gifts. Oh so many gifts!

After the event was over, I told Patrick we should get married more often. We REALLY cleaned up at this thing! Thanks again for the generosity and thoughtfulness that went into the planning and purchasing of gifts. I’m so very grateful. And thanks for all the lime green wrapping paper, that makes me smile.

One of the most beautiful and artistically made gifts was this gift from my cousin Beth. Who, for the record, is actually my mom’s cousin. Though only Patrick cares about making that distinction. It’s a full set of four bath towels, four hand towels and four wash cloths. You’d never guess, right? BECAUSE IT LOOKS GOOD ENOUGH TO EAT.

The topper is engraved with our names and wedding date, and it will most certainly be on display at the wedding. Thanks, Beth. And thanks for helping so much with the planning process. All of your effort will be forever remembered among the many happy memories from that day.

To my Aunt Sally – Mastermind, Shower Planner Extraordinaire – Thanks for putting in all of the time and effort to throw us such a great shower. Your generosity is unparalleled. I’m touched that you’d put in so much planning to honor our wedding. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. And yes, of course you’re my favorite.

So here’s to family: ever growing, ever changing, ever loving, perfect-just-the-way-you-are family.




Thank you to Jennifer Keane and Beth Matijevic for capturing these beautiful photos.


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