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The first step to my centerpiece DIY was to gather up all of my ingredients. Vases are from Ikea. White and chartreuse patterned ribbon was a great find at Michael’s almost two years ago. The chartreuse ribbon is from the Paper Source. I used glue rolls to adhere the ribbons to the vases. The glue rolls are magic – they can turn ANY object into a sticky object. Sort of like small children. Oh, and please ignore the poor quality of these photos. Despite my owning a Canon DSLR, I opted to document the process with my camera phone.

After viewing this bow tutorial, I built what felt like hundreds of bows, but was actually only 24. I’m a total wimp.

Then I cut strips of ribbon and stuck them around the vases, attaching the bows in a way that disguised the overlapping edges of the ribbon. On the tall, cylindrical vases, I added a piece of the chartreuse ribbon to the center of the white ribbon to give it a more intricate, accented look.

Ta da!


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For being something that is so personal involving Patrick and me, it is certainly surprising how many people we’ve got to include in this production that is our late spring wedding. It’s as though we’re two choreographers and have to make sure each of our players is on board for his or her specific number.

We’ve had our hearts set on a specific date since the beginning of our engagement, which was perfect for all of our vendors the first day we went looking for venues. When we found the ballroom of our dreams, we were given a quote just slightly out of our budget and decided we’d  have to think it over. The good news is it turns out we were just misquoted, and the ballroom is much cheaper than we had originally thought. The bad news is that our date was tentatively on hold when we went back to book it the following day.

We figured we would snatch the following weekend just in case, so we did. This, of course, causes confusion for the photographer and cake baker we found – both of whom had reserved our date for the earlier weekend. So it’s not just about finding vendors that are perfect for our big day, it’s about finding vendors who are perfect for our big day AND have their schedules clear on the same day.

Needless to say, I can understand why people complain of the tediousness of the small details that go into planning a wedding. (Not to mention the fit my grandmother would throw if I dare plan a wedding for a holiday weekend!)

I can’t say that our experience has been stressful or even frustrating. I’m a bit annoyed that the price was misquoted in the first place, but at least we found a place we really love. I think this production is going to be everything we’ve ever dreamed of, and now I’m more excited than ever for opening night!

(Yeah, I know – I took that analogy a bit too far.)

When everything is finally set in stone, we’ll announce the date!


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From Mitch and Christina’s down-home Georgia wedding to Jonny and Sarah’s classic vintage affair, to Angie and Linnie’s romantic beach setting, Patrick and I have seen so many beautiful weddings this year. It’s given us a chance to do many things, but the two most important are 1) to appreciate and celebrate that love is in the center of our lives and 2) to steal ideas. Well, not really steal them. Ok, fine. Steal them.

We spent last week in New York City to celebrate the wedding of Patrick’s brother, Andrew, and the love of his life, Cherie. It was a great weekend of celebrating, and I was able to meet Patrick’s extended family.

The ceremony was a traditional Persian ceremony, which meant incorporating a number of symbolic gestures into the ceremony. It was peaceful and beautiful, and it was so happy. The beginning of the processional really set a tone for the rest of the evening, and people cheered loudly as the bridal party walked down the aisle. I LOVE THIS. So, if you’re a guest and you’re reading this – CHEER AT MY WEDDING! And also, throw money.

The New York chic style paired with the night club setting created a fun, happening atmosphere. As owners of the night club, Andrew and Cherie were able to have a private party, revamp the decor and create a wedding that was as beautiful as it was fun. The food was a buffet-style, which was available on both levels of the club. Meanwhile, I conducted interviews about whether guests preferred a sit-down meal or a buffet, and guess what? Buffet wins!

Andrew and Cherie’s reception had few tables, no assigned seating and had designated lounge areas. The lack of assigned seating created an atmosphere where guests could move about freely rather than being confined to a specific table. They mingled more and danced more than guests I’ve seen at any other wedding I’ve been to. I loved the environment, the only down side to not having the traditional table settings is that it creates a slight inconvenience when it comes time to eat.

We enjoyed the atmosphere of Andrew and Cherie’s wedding so much, that we’re leaning toward eliminating the assigned seating, which would unfortunately mean my having to say goodbye to some of my brilliant ideas for place card displays. We’re faced with this challenge: to assign or not to assign?

I think my sister’s wedding was a bit indicative as to which of my relatives would be dancing. And aside from the occasional drunk or two, there were very few people on the dance floor aside from a small group that danced the whole time (Kelsey, my mom, Patrick, me, and a few others). Most of my relatives seemed to gather at the bar or stick to their seats. Ashley and Sam seemed to make their way around to each table to visit with all of their guests, but unfortunately the guests didn’t do too much dancing or moving around. While the two settings of the weddings (Andrew and Cherie’s vs. Ashley and Sam’s) were vastly different, there are a few things to consider. I’d say that overall, the crowd at the NYC wedding was younger, there were more of them, and I think that the actual night club setting made it hard to do anything but dance. Also Ashley and Sam set the tone of their wedding to be less about dancing and more about spending time with family and friends, which I think was executed well.

Enough blabbering about that for now, but the point is, guests, DANCE AT MY WEDDING! Patrick and I danced nonstop the whole night, we had a great time, we smiled a ton and that’s how we want it to be at our wedding.

Cherie and Andrew’s wedding also made us second-guess our choice to hire a band. They had a DJ, and the music selections were awesome! Granted, he was a professional DJ working at a night club in New York, but it was a nice change from the usual Hokey- Pokey- steal- the- show- and -make- things- awkward- during- every-part- of- your- reception DJ.

And, of course we’re going to steal the idea of ordering pizza around midnight or so. As soon as we saw the pizzas on the table, Patrick’s eyes lit up like Christmas morning. This is the kind of joy only brothers understand.


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