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The first step to my centerpiece DIY was to gather up all of my ingredients. Vases are from Ikea. White and chartreuse patterned ribbon was a great find at Michael’s almost two years ago. The chartreuse ribbon is from the Paper Source. I used glue rolls to adhere the ribbons to the vases. The glue rolls are magic – they can turn ANY object into a sticky object. Sort of like small children. Oh, and please ignore the poor quality of these photos. Despite my owning a Canon DSLR, I opted to document the process with my camera phone.

After viewing this bow tutorial, I built what felt like hundreds of bows, but was actually only 24. I’m a total wimp.

Then I cut strips of ribbon and stuck them around the vases, attaching the bows in a way that disguised the overlapping edges of the ribbon. On the tall, cylindrical vases, I added a piece of the chartreuse ribbon to the center of the white ribbon to give it a more intricate, accented look.

Ta da!


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