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This weekend while out and about, Patrick and I swung into a Michael’s craft store. On the way out I spotted a bin full of clearance ribbon on sale for $1 per roll. I figured I’d take a quick look and almost peed my pants when I spotted this:

This is exactly what I’ve been dreaming of for the look and feel of my wedding. It’s thin, classic white ribbon with a chartreuse (CHARTREUSE!!!) antique pattern. It’s exactly my style: a new, trendy feel to an old-fashioned classic. These are the little details that are going to really bring the whole thing together.

We bought 14 rolls – all we could find in the clearance bin.

As soon as I called Ashley to tell her the news, she rushed out and bought another 10 rolls at the Michael’s near her house.

This isn’t the only early shopping I’ve done, actually. Two weeks ago I found some thank-you cards on clearance at a grocery story that is going out of business. I stocked up and put the packages of cards in a shoe box on the shelf of the guest room closet. That shelf has since become the place for all of my wedding supplies to gather dust while I count down to the big day.

Now, if only we didn’t have to wait almost two years to actually use this stuff. :)



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When it comes to venues, if it’s not the perfect place, it just doesn’t cut it. Everything needs to be PERFECT for MY wedding!

While in Michigan last month, Patrick and I went shopping for venues. And the only one we fell in love with was the only one that wasn’t on our list of established venues to scope out.

We wound up on the law quad on the campus of U of M, which happens to be one of the prettiest places I’ve been. The courtyard is surrounded on all sides by old brick buildings covered in ivy. The sun peeks through the trees and provides the most ideal lighting for an outdoor wedding. Plus, the aisle is REALLY long. I mean REALLY REALLY long. And, if I only get to walk down the aisle once, I am going to milk it as long as I can. It’s the longest of many stone paths leading to a circle that would be the perfect place for an arch. The backdrop would be one of the many old buildings, which is so beautiful. We could rent white folding chairs, which would really pop against the bold green grass. Plus, have I mentioned the aisle?

Here’s a picture of the aisle taken from the stone circle:

This would be the beautiful backdrop for the ceremony:


As for the reception? We’ve got a year to figure that out. :)


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I’m always on top of things. I’m really good at quickly and thoroughly completing menial tasks.

So, when the idea of planning a wedding started to creep around the corner it didn’t faze me.

I’ve heard horror stories about wedding planning but so far I’m enjoying it. Whitney always has good ideas but goes terminally psychotic when it comes to making “tough” decisions. I’ve learned that’s where I step in and all is well.

We’re still almost two years away from the Big Day so, Whitney and I are still in the very early stages of our to-do list. Up first: Engagement announcements. I’m a little clueless when it comes to all things wedding. Whitney, in her anxiety-ridden crazy lady hair all over the place psycho way, does her best to guide me through what things we should do.

We made it through the designing and printing of our photo engagement announcements (albeit slowly) and the next step was easy, right? Find some decent looking envelopes in which our 4″x6″ announcements would fit snugly. Well would you believe that no big-box, niche, mom & pop or hole-in-the-wall office supplies store carries the A6 size envelope?!! It was as if someone knew I was out to find one hundred or so A6 envelopes and carefully extracted them from every Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, Kinko’s, Wal-Mart, Target, CVS and Walgreens in the greater Orlando area.

After weeks, yes, weeks, I finally broke down and ordered the envelopes online. The whole goal was to avoid the shipping charges, but, to no avail. I, alone, have depleted the country’s oil supply more than entire state of South Dakota during my envelope extravaganza.

Now, I have only this to say: Anything awful you’ve ever heard about planning a wedding…it’s true. But at least I get to go through all of this stuff with the love of my life.


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Our ring bearer?

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