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Last night I packed. Then unpacked. Then repacked. Then unpacked. I get a little neurotic when I travel.

And, while my compulsive tendencies make it unbearable to fight the urge to count the number of q-tips in my dop kit, I really am looking forward to this trip.

We’re headed first to Michigan, where we’ll see Patrick’s parents, then to Indiana for a wedding, then to a reunion with my friends, and then back to Michigan to see my dad. It’s a lot to do in one weekend, but I think we are both filled with joy at the thought of seeing any (and all!) of these people.

Knowing I’ll be doing a lot of, “Look what’s on my important finger!” I figured I’d spend some time doing a thorough ring cleaning, which I successfully did last night. Soaking, scrubbing, the works. I was happy to see that thing shine, and I was quite proud to know that I’d spend the next four days showing it off!

This morning before work I devoted some time to playing in the park with Kya. Patrick was planning on spending a bit of time with her, but seeing as how sad I get whenever I have to leave her, I wanted to spend some last-minute quality time together.

I got dressed for work, and then the three of us headed out to play some two-ball fetch. It was a really nice to see her so excited and happy.

We had been playing for about 10 minutes when Kya, having grown impatient with my slow throwing, jumped into the air, lunged at my hands and put her slobbery mouth all over my shiny ring. I threw the ball, eager to get her sloppy mouth away from my diamonds. I looked over at Patrick, who had watched her jump at me in anticipation. He had a big smile on his face.

I didn’t clean my ring off, and I probably won’t clean it again before the trip. It’s not about the ring, really, it’s about our family. It’s about looking at the person you love and at that point not caring that you’re covered in dog slobber. It’s about endless happiness and the joy that comes from simple things, like a great game of fetch with the ones you love most.



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Our ring bearer?

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